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At JDD, we specialize in website design and Webflow development, striving to create digital spaces that prioritize solutions, reflect your brand's authenticity, foster meaningful connections with your audience, and empower you to confidently show up for your business online.

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Hey I'm Jocelyn!

how i got here

I became captivated with web design and development during my college years. I admired that to create something as cool as a website, it required lots of time, patience, focus, and strategizing. I enjoyed the challenge and seeing my capabilities to create something so cool.

Not only did it benefit me in terms of creative self expression, but I wanted to be a part of an inspiring community, and to help others.

Upon graduating in 2020, I took the leap to establish my own web design studio. Since then, I've been fortunate to immerse myself in various communities of talented designers and developers. It has been a privilege to assist my dream clients in launching their online ventures with stylish websites that set them on the path to success.

where i am today and where it's going

JDD has evolved beyond a mere creative venture; it has become the embodiment of my dream lifestyle, enabling me to forge meaningful connections within an empowering community while crafting websites for creative brands and businesses.

Moreover, JDD has provided a sanctuary for engaging in deeper conversations about topics such as self-growth, solopreneurship, mental health, and overall wellness. It is for individuals who are passionate, empathetic, and poised to expand their online businesses.

I create websites for people desiring to show up confidently in their business

Websites can transform the way people feel and interact with your brand. Having your own digital home will give you the ability to start helping people, feel empowered as a business owner, and attract your online business goals.

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We collaborate with passionate people who desire to elevate their online business through our thoughtful designs

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